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Before my dive into the digital world, I proudly served in the Romanian military. My tenure included graduating from a military high school and Land Forces Academy, earning my master's degree, and managing all the official social media platforms for the Romanian military alongside a small team.

A transformative deployment to Afghanistan as a PR officer was a pivotal point in my life. The lessons learned and perspectives gained during those seven intense months led me to reevaluate my path.

Seeking change and fresh beginnings, I moved to the U.S. and channeled my creativity into digital art, working as a freelance illustrator and capturing stories and emotions through my art.

In January 2023, I embarked on a self-taught journey into web development. Recognizing the need for technical expertise in community initiatives, I volunteered with Code for Hawaii, a brigade of Code for America, to leverage my newfound skills on civic projects.

This journey of self-growth took another exciting turn when I interned at an innovative startup, where I had the privilege to be mentored by a seasoned developer with a rich 24-year tenure at Microsoft.

I'm excited to merge my unique blend of military discipline, creative flair, and technical acumen to create impactful digital solutions.

Frontend Skills

javascript typescript css3 html5 nextjs react tailwind bootstrapchakraUI

Backend Skills


Mobile development

react native expo


git github figma photoshop Premiere Problender wix Jira



Full Stack Fitness Platform

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Developed a comprehensive fitness web application with the following features:

  • Exercise Database: Enabled users to dive deep into an expansive collection of over 800 individual exercises. Features include:
    • - Advanced search capabilities allowing users to filter exercises by category, difficulty level, targeted muscle, and required equipment;
    • - Comprehensive exercise overviews featuring video tutorials and detailed, step-by-step instructions;
    • - Personalized experience where users can save exercises of interest and later access them in their account section, enhancing user engagement.
  • Workout Creation & Submission: Implemented a user-friendly interface allowing individuals to create, save, and submit personalized workout routines.
  • Achievement Badges: Incorporated a gamification aspect by awarding users with badges upon the completion of specific fitness milestones, fostering motivation and consistent platform engagement.
  • Health Metrics Calculator: Introduced features that allow users to compute vital health parameters, including their ideal body weight, body mass index, body fat calculator and basal metabolic rate ensuring they remain informed and can set realistic fitness goals.
  • User Account Management: Designed a secure and intuitive account section, facilitating users to seamlessly manage their profiles, workout history, and earned badges.
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Developed with a robust tech stack including:

  • Frontend: React, NextJS 13, and Tailwind CSS for a responsive and dynamic user experience.
  • Backend: Node.js, enhanced with Mongoose for seamless MongoDB integrations.
  • Database: MongoDB for scalable and reliable data management.
  • Authentication: Implemented NextAuth and JWT to ensure user data security.
  • Third-Party Integrations: Utilized RapidAPI for health calculators, enhancing the platform's functionality.
  • nextjs
  • nextauth
  • mongodb
  • tailwind
Full Stack Fitness Platform
Code with Aloha

Code with Aloha

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Engineered a vibrant website for "Code with Aloha", a group of civic-minded tech enthusiasts. As a proud member of this team, I helped showcase our collective dedication towards community improvement through technology.

  • About Us: Elegantly presents the team, their history since 2009, and their core focus: meeting new individuals, making impactful differences, and fostering experience.
  • Events & Announcements: A dedicated section about what to expect at a meeting, showcasing Meetup events, and guiding visitors on what to anticipate during such gatherings.
  • Project Portfolios: Insightfully categorized into active and historic projects, each with a comprehensive description and pertinent links, providing a detailed journey of the team's contributions over time.
  • Client Engagements: Displaying the diverse clientele and offering a structured channel for potential clients to establish contact.
  • Volunteer Sign-Up: An intuitive section providing potential volunteers with direct links to upcoming Meetup events and a dedicated contact email, inviting them to join and become an integral part of our evolving story.
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Utilized NextJS and React for a dynamic and responsive user interface, styled to perfection with Tailwind CSS. Incorporated framer-motion for smooth animations and transitions.

  • react
  • nextjs
  • tailwind
  • framer_motion

Bayze mobile

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Crafted a React Native frontend mobile app for Bayze Inc.—a data and AI startup focused on gamification and loyalty programs. The app serves as a social media platform for Bayze members, enabling them to:

  • Connect & Share: Engage with friends, view their recent achievements, and share personal badges.
  • Badge Overview: Explore badges earned across various apps integrated with Bayze.
  • Notifications: Stay updated with earned badges, messages, apps updates, competitions, challenges and peer comparisons.
  • Post Exploration: Browse and search for posts within the platform, see what your friends are doing and what your favorite companies are posting.
  • Profile Management: A dedicated section for users to manage their account details and view achievements.

It's worth noting that while the app provides a comprehensive frontend experience, backend integrations and user authentication are yet to be established, making some functionalities frontend-only.

  • react_native
  • expo
Bayze mobile

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